PORCH Pender is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization. We collect food and cash donations through monthly neighborhood food drives and deliver the contributions to our local food pantries who provide emergency food to individuals and families in our area.

We held our first food drive in January 2022 in the WyndWater neighborhood located in Pender County.  This year we are looking forward to growing one of the largest communities within PORCH. Our recipient organizations include Pender County’s Food Banks: 

The PORCH collection model simplifies the donation process as it brings the food drive to your neighborhood. We are currently holding food drives during various times of the month. We base each drive off the neighborhood’s availability.

In 2023, our goal is to collect 23 tons of food and $23,000 in cash donations. One small donation at a time, together we can make a big difference in feeding the hungry in our communities.   

We look forward to partnering with local neighbors and adding at least 2 new neighborhoods each month.

About PORCH Communites

PORCH Communities fights food insecurity by creating sustainable hunger relief programs at the local level. Started in 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC, PORCH has grown into a repeatable model of monthly neighborhood food drives and fresh produce distribution supplying food pantries, schools, and community programs across the country. PORCH’s volunteer network, now in 550 neighborhoods across 10 states, has contributed more than $12 million dollars in hunger relief.

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How Porch Works

PORCH is built around the very simple idea of a neighborhood food drive.

Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

  • Once a month, on a designated day, residents place a food donation of individual sized-portions on their front porch.
  • A volunteer neighborhood coordinator goes porch to porch and picks up the food donations.
  • The donated food is transported by car to a central location where it is sorted, packed and then delivered to Pender County’s local food banks.

The three-step process is easy and it’s also efficient. With the help of dedicated volunteers, all the food collected from the many neighborhood food drives moves from porch to pantries in just a few hours’ time. From there, it goes to individuals and families who struggle with food insecurity.

Become and Volunteer

Be a neighborhood coordinator – Coordinate and/or host a monthly food drive at your house. Email neighbors and post on your neighborhood social media about the collection and items needed by the partner pantry. Then, take the donated items to your designated food pantry.

Donate food – Contact us and we will let you know if there is a coordinator in your neighborhood or where the closest drop-off location is that month.

To get involved,  please use the button below to fill out our get involved form!

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Get Involved Form

Make a Financial Donation

Use the donate button below to make a financial donation online. It’s simple, very helpful for our pantry partners, and we’ll do the shopping for you.

Donate Today

Donate Food

Donate unexpired, non-perishable food to our neighbors.

Reach out to us: and we’ll let you know if there is a coordinator in your neighborhood or where the closest physical drop-off location is that month.

Food Donation Recommendations:

Oats                                         Grits

Cereal (sugar-reduced)       Jelly (any kind)

Peanut Butter                        Fruit Cocktail

Canned Peaches                    Canned Green Beans

Canned Corn                          Canned Peas

Canned Potatoes                   Pork & Beans

Canned Hearty Soup            Canned Tomato Soup

Canned Hash                         Canned Tuna

Canned Chicken Breast       Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti                                Rice

Saltine Crackers.                  Macaroni & Cheese

Sugar                                      Powdered Milk

Collection Dates for 2023


Feb 2023

Pecan Grove 2/12

WyndWater 2/18

Scott’s Glen 2/26


March 2023


April 2023


May 2023


June 2023


July 2023


August 2023


September 2023


October 2023


November 2023


December 2023