About PORCH Raleigh

PORCH Raleigh is a liaison between volunteers that want to help and community members that need help. We organize neighborhood coordinators across Raleigh and Wake County to host monthly food drives and deliver donations to school pantries, community pantries and hunger relief organizations. Not only the donations, but the consistency, makes this model successful. Additionally, in partnership with Lasagna Love, PORCH Raleigh connects local volunteers that will provide a homemade lasagna to those at risk of food insecurity. 

Colleen Streetman, founder, was inspired by the success of PORCH-Durham and, in May 2013, started PORCH Raleigh. Fighting food insecurity was made easy through monthly food drives collected from donor’s porches. The nonperishable donations provided weekend meals to children at risk of hunger, in partnership with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle BackPack Buddies program. 

Jana Saur, Executive Director, joined as Colleen’s first neighborhood coordinator. Together they grew a grassroots network of volunteers and neighborhoods. PORCH Raleigh became a charitable non-profit in 2016 and is supported by a board of experienced volunteers. PORCH Raleigh is successful because the team of over 35 volunteers
and countless donors are dedicated to partnering with hunger relief programs in Wake County.

Our Team

Board Members

Colleen Streetman; Chair & Director of Outreach

Stephanie Bryant; Treasurer

Tricia Wendel; Secretary

Katherine Reppe; Board Member, Director of Digital Communications

Alma Rodriguez; Board Member

PORCH Raleigh Staff

Jana Saur; Executive Director

Allaura Osborne; Intern

Lili Trigilio; Intern

Nicolas Pucci; Intern

Our Impact

Impact from 2013- 2020:

Supporting Neighborhoods

  • Avent West
  • Baybridge
  • Budleigh
  • Fairview Acres
  • New Forest
  • Oakcroft
  • Summerfield North
  • Sussex Acres
  • Wetherburn
  • Wood Valley

  • Five Points
  • Longview
  • Silverthornes Drive
  • University Park
  • Westwind
  • Springdale
  • Bedford
  • Trotter’s Ridge
  • Homestead at Heritage

Collection Dates

2021 Collection Dates

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