PORCH Swansboro

PORCH Swansboro is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization. We collect food and cash donations through monthly neighborhood food drives, and then distribute food to hundreds of at-risk families in our community.

PORCH Swansboro started when the chapter leader’s daughter asked what she could do to help bring people food when they might not have any. She inspired her mom to reach out to PORCH about starting a new chapter! The Chapter is NEW in 2021, and we look forward to many years of service to the community. 

We hope to grow and add many more communities to our team.So, please join us and enjoy the great feeling of giving all year long!

For more information, send us an email at swansboro@porchcommunities.org.


Started in 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC, PORCH is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization that has collected and donated more than $2.1 million in hunger relief across all their communities.

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How PORCH Works

PORCH is built around the very simple idea of a neighborhood food drive. Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

Once a month, on a designated day, residents place a food donation of individual sized-portions on their front porch.

A volunteer neighborhood coordinator goes porch to porch and picks up the food donations.

The donated food is transported by car to a central location where it is sorted, packed and then delivered to Onslow County Community Outreach

The three-step process is easy and it’s also efficient. With the help of dedicated volunteers, all the food collected from the many neighborhood food drives moves from porch to pantries in just a few hours’ time. From there, it goes to individuals and families who struggle with food insecurity.

Get Involved


Become a Neighborhood Coordinator and help us offer this program to YOUR Swansboro neighborhood! We are seeking individuals with reliable transportation to collect pantry items and deliver them to our local sorting site.

Do you prefer organizing? We are looking for volunteers to help us sort items once a month.

Email swansboro@porchcommunities.org for more information.

Make A Donation

See the donate button at the top of the page to place a donation online.

Please make checks payable to PORCH-Swansboro and mail to:

310 Springcreek Court

Hubert, NC 28539

Our Impact

More to come! We are excited about the impact we will make as we add neighborhoods to our list of supporting neighborhoods. 

Check back soon as we update our impact stats!

Supporting Neighborhoods

We collect in the following neighborhoods. If you don’t see your neighborhood listed, we would love to add you to our list! Email swansboro@porchcommunities.org for more information.

Roger’s Farm



As we grow, we will continue to look for businesses willing to hold periodic food drives on behalf of PORCH Swansboro. If your organization would like to participate monthly, quarterly or even annually please let us know!

Founded by Kylee Cisneros. PORCH Swansboro joins the growing network of PORCH affiliates.