PORCH Student Ambassadors

PORCH Student Ambassadors

PORCH makes it easy for any student to fight hunger in their home or college town. By bringing awareness of food insecurity to the community and mobilizing a food drive, students help identify potential neighbors to help create a sustainable hunger relief program. Our Student Ambassadors are a critical link in helping get PORCH neighborhoods started.

Our model

Our model

Food drives help engage the community and start new PORCHes

Step 1

Student Ambassadors hold food drives and share the PORCH story

Step 2

They introduce potential community volunteers to PORCH

Step 3

These new volunteers help build a sustainable PORCH program

The Ambassador Role:

  • Educate the community about food insecurity – Use social media to share facts and bust myths about hunger in America
  • Conduct 2 pop-up food drives – Introduce the PORCH for Pantries model to get neighbors working together to support existing food distribution programs
  • Connect PORCH with people and partners who want to do more – Help those who want to sustain monthly hunger relief efforts learn how to start a PORCH in their neighborhood

“PORCH making it easier for our busy and hardworking community to get involved is what hooked me. It’s a great organization that is going to make a big impact on our communities.”

Mark Litzinger Student Ambassador, Wilmington, NC

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