PORCH For Schools

PORCH for Schools

No child should struggle to focus in school because they are hungry, and teachers should not have to spend their own personal funds to buy snacks for their students. To reduce these issues, PORCH partners with local businesses and individuals to sponsor a healthy snack program for children in public schools and after-school programs. Want to help spread the word? Download the PORCH for Schools flyer.

Our model

Our model

Providing healthy snacks to fuel active minds

Step 1

Local PORCH collects donations from business sponsors and individuals

Step 2

Volunteers purchase healthy items requested by their partner schools

Step 3

Volunteers stock snack cabinets and/or fill weekend backbacks or bags

Benefits of the PORCH for Schools Program

  • Stocks school pantries and provides students with healthy snacks
  • Helps teachers by offsetting the funds they spend on supplies
  • Creates an opportunity for businesses and new donors to engage with PORCH

Thank you, PORCH, for supplying snacks for our students. Some students come to school without eating breakfast and having snacks available in my classroom means they can start they day off on a good foot! I also appreciate that you supply them because that means that I didn’t have to and could put my money towards others uses in my classroom, like supplies.

Erika Stiner 2nd Grade Teacher, Fair Oaks Elementary

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