PORCH Marietta

Welcome to PORCH Marietta! We are a local all-volunteer, grassroots organization committed to fighting hunger in our community. We collect food and cash donations through monthly neighborhood food drives, and distribute donations to local food pantries to feed families in need in Marietta.

Food security is a household’s ability to access nutritious foods. According to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, in 2020, 16.6% of Cobb County residents were considered food insecure.  This means they have a reduced quality and variety of diet, may eat less, and their eating patterns are disrupted due to lack of money and resources.  This creates a higher demand for services and more need for volunteer and donor support.

Neighbors helping neighbors. PORCH Marietta was started in response to the growing rate of food insecurity caused by the pandemic. Many of our friends and neighbors were looking for a way to make a difference in our community. There are individual PORCH communities like ours all over the country.  They give people the opportunity to make an immediate impact in their communities by providing an ongoing and stable supply of food to pantries and program participants. 

Anyone can help by donating, collecting, sorting, distributing, or organizing volunteers in as little as a few hours a month. We hope to grow and add many more communities to our team. For more information, email us at marietta@porchcommunities.org.


Started in 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC, PORCH is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization that has collected and donated more than $2.1 million in hunger relief across all their communities.

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How PORCH Works

PORCH is built around the very simple idea of a neighborhood food drive. Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

Once a month, residents place a food donation on their front porch, based on a food pantry’s wish list.

A volunteer neighborhood coordinator goes porch to porch and picks up the food donations.

The donations are then delivered to The Center for Family Resources and Family Promise of Cobb County.

The three-step process is easy and it’s also efficient. With the help of dedicated volunteers, all the food collected from the neighborhood food drives moves from porch to pantries in just a few hours’ time. From there, it goes to individuals and families who struggle with food insecurity.

Why PORCH works

PORCH is easy. Donors just leave food on their porches and volunteers pick it up. 

PORCH is consistent. Monthly drives provide an ongoing and stable supply of food to pantries and program participants.

PORCH is inclusive. Anyone can help by donating, collecting, sorting, distributing or organizing volunteers in as little as a few hours a month.

PORCH is flexible. Coordinators can request neighbors donate specific items as required by a pantry in any given month, best meeting the needs of the pantries and families. There is no monthly commitment for donors.

Get Involved


Become a Neighborhood Coordinator and help us offer this program to YOUR Marietta neighborhood! We are seeking individuals with reliable transportation to collect grocery donations and deliver them to our local pantries.

Do you prefer organizing? We are looking for volunteers to help us sort items once a month.

Make A Donation

See the donate button at the top of the page to make a donation online.

Our Impact

Our collection dates for 2022 will be

February 10

March 10

April 14

May 12

June 9

July 14

August 11

September 8

October 13

November 10

December 8

Supporting Neighborhoods

We’re starting off in Sentinel Lake and would love to add your neighborhood to our team! Email marietta@porchcommunities.org for more information.


The Center for Family Resources and Family Promise of Cobb County.

Founded by Liz Platner. PORCH Marietta joins the growing network of PORCH affiliates.