Pike County

PORCH Pike County is an all-volunteer, grassroots hunger relief organization. We collect food and cash donations through monthly neighborhood food drives and deliver the contributions to food pantries who provide emergency food to individuals and families in our area.

Most Needed Items for Donation

The Pike County PORCH for Pantries program will take any and all shelf stable/non-perishable food donations but the most request and used by our distribution partners are below:

Apple Sauce      Crackers      Canned Beans   Canned Fish (Tuna and Salmon)      Granola Bars     Rice    Canned Meat (SPAM and Ham)      Pasta     Canned Vegetables     Canned Fruits

How PORCH Works

PORCH is built around the simple idea of a neighborhood food drive. Here’s how it works:

Once a month, on collection day, leave your food donations on your front porch or at the designated front porch (or garage) in your neighborhood.

Volunteer neighborhood coordinators host the collection sites, and then transport the donated food by car to one of our local food pantries.

Get Involved

Donate food – Contact us and we will let you know if there is a coordinator in your neighborhood or where the closest drop-off location is that month.

Coordinate and/or host a monthly food drive in your neighborhood! Email neighbors and post on your neighborhood social media about the collection and items needed by the partner pantry. Then, take the donated items to your designated food pantry.

To get involved email us or fill in our form at the button below!

Get Involved Form


Contact us and we will let you know if there is a coordinator in your neighborhood or the location of the closest drop-off spot.

To make a tax-deductible donation, click the button below or the link here -> PORCH Communities.




Supporting Neighborhoods

If you would like to start a collection your neighborhood, email us, we would love to add your neighborhood to our list!

Founded by Mona Norton. PORCH Pike County joins the growing network of PORCH affiliates.


PORCH Communities fights food insecurity by creating sustainable hunger relief programs at the local level. Started in 2010 in Chapel Hill, NC, PORCH has grown into a repeatable model of monthly neighborhood food drives and fresh produce distribution supplying food pantries, schools, and community programs across the country. PORCH’s volunteer network of 30 chapters in 9 states, has contributed more than $10 million dollars in hunger relief.

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