Partner with PORCH

Local pantries and food distribution programs

PORCH directly benefits organizations distributing food to local residents experiencing food insecurity. Each month, PORCH volunteers collect non-perishables and raise money to help fill the gaps at local-alone pantries and food programs in schools, hospitals, shelters, churches and other community organizations.  Find your local PORCH community or talk to us about how we can work together to start one.

Fresh food suppliers

PORCH partners with regional dairy, egg, meat, vegetable and fruit providers to increase equitable access to healthy food.  If you are a wholesaler, retailer or direct-to-consumer subscription service willing to provide discounts or in-kind donations for fresh foods of any kind, please contact us about becoming a PORCH Fresh partner.

Business sponsors

If your business believes in empowering volunteers to increase community engagement or supports reducing food insecurity by increasing equitable access to healthy food, contact us. We provide flexible local, regional and national sponsorship opportunities.  Our volunteer-based organization multiplies the impact of your investment in hunger relief.