Our Programs

PORCH’s core program is organizing volunteer neighborhood food drives that supply food to local food pantries. In addition, local PORCH communities have developed a range of other hunger-fighting programs. Each Community participates in the programs it feels it can manage successfully.

Food For Pantries

Local pantries are a critical lifeline for families who struggle to put food on the table. Each month, neighborhood coordinators volunteering within a PORCH chapter collect non-perishable items from local porches and then sort the items before delivering them to their community’s pantries.

Food for Families

According to the Children’s Defense Fund, as of February 2021, more than 1 in 7 adults in America with children (14.5 percent) reported that their children were not getting enough to eat – five times the pre-pandemic rate. As a supplement to the non-perishable goods that are more widely available at pantries, PORCH Fresh provides a monthly distribution of fresh food and a complement of non perishables to families identified by school social workers and partner organizations.

Food for Schools

No child should struggle to focus in school because they are hungry, and teachers should not have to spend their own personal funds to buy snacks for their students. That’s why PORCH partners with local businesses and individuals to sponsor a healthy snack program for children in public schools and after-school programs.

Food for Thought

Through written postcards to legislators, newsletters, social media, speaking engagements, fact sheets, media appearances, and more, our advocacy program shines a light on the issue of food insecurity and calls attention to the systemic change – the shifts in policies and practices – that we must strive to achieve as a matter of social justice.