PORCH Fearrington Food Donation Guidelines

More than 50% of the food CORA distributes to hungry families is donated! This source of food is VERY IMPORTANT to us! To make sure your donation of food does the most good, keep the following guidelines in mind.

New Food Donors Can Sign Up Online.

Please DO NOT USE GLASS CONTAINERS. They Easily Break and Result in Spills!

Items That CORA Always Needs

Evangeline Christie, CORA’s Pantry Manager, developed a list of items that you could add to the “Most Needed” list throughout the year. Evangeline is confident that these products will move quickly all year long.

Most Needed Items for the Month of September Wll Be Posted Here Soon.

Just a Few Reminders

While plastic bags are OK for the donations, it is a lot easier for our collecting and transferring the food when we arrive at CORA if you use PAPER bags (which are a renewable resource), rather than plastic bags (which are not recyclable). The contents often fall out of plastic bags, making the handling of large volumes of food more difficult. If plastic bags are easier for you, feel free to use them for your donations. CORA likes to have a supply of plastic bags on hand for people who come for the donated food, so please do donate those empty plastic bags you do not need.