About PORCH Durham

PORCH-Durham’s mission is to provide supplemental food to children and families facing hunger in Durham County. Established in 2011, PORCH-Durham works in partnership with a variety of Durham County nonprofit organizations and Durham Public Schools to identify children and families most at risk of hunger. We provide shelf-stable foods from our monthly neighborhood food drives, fresh produce, and emergency grocery gift cards. PORCH-Durham programs are designed to deliver foods and funds directly to locations where families are already receiving services to help eliminate access barriers.

Our Team

Amy Jones | Executive Director



Lesli Garrison

Chasie Harris

Jen Meldrum

Board of Directors

Patience Mukelabai; Welcome Baby | Chair

Mandy Murphy; Girls on the Run International | Vice-Chair

Amy Oakley; Goldman Sachs | Treasurer

Karlene Fyffe Phillips; Durham Public Libraries | Secretary

Darryl Barnes; Durham Children’s Initiative

Shaneeka Moore-Lawrence; Wake County Public Schools

Pat Scheper; Live Oak Bank

Juliellen Simpson-Vos; Girls on the Run International

In 2021 alone, PORCH-Durham helped serve 38 different schools and pantries, and contributed over 125,000 pounds of food along with $93,500 of grocery gift cards.

Thank you to all our incredible donors, who have made it possible to help those who are struggling locally with food insecurity. Your compassion and generosity is incredibly appreciated!

Participating Neighborhoods

See the button below if you would like to contact your neighborhood coordinator or contact us at Durham@porchcommunities.org if you do not see your neighborhood listed.

PORCH by the Numbers

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Thousand dollars of emergency grocery cards
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