Volunteer Opportunities

PORCH volunteers are the heart and soul of our work and we always welcome more helping hands

Neighborhood Coordinator

Time Commitment: 2 hours per month
Briar Chapel currently has 17 distinct Neighborhoods that we define as our “Pick up routes”. These may
be viewed at Maps (porchcommunities.org) Neighborhood coordinators for each area would organize
monthly food collections for their area, including

  • Assigning a driver to collect food donations from porches and deliver to clubhouse for sorting
  • Remind neighbors of collection dates/times (typically 3 rd Friday of each month at 9 am)
  • Erect PORCH signage in your neighborhood 5 days prior to collection
  • Promote/educate neighbors on PORCH, using PORCH cards, magnets, neighborhood social
    media/email lists or host face-to face gatherings

The ideal Neighbor Coordinator may already be a driver or informal promoter for PORCH. This is also
well handled by multiple volunteers working together within a neighborhood.

Food Sort Volunteer

Time Commitment: 2 hours/month, typically on the 3 rd Friday of the month from 9-11
Food Sort volunteers meet once/month at the Briar Chapel clubhouse to unload Neighborhood
Coordinator’s cars of collected items; to sort, bag and carry bags of items to the CORA truck at the
clubhouse. This is a well-organized and enjoyable opportunity to do good and socialize.

PORCH-Fresh Volunteers
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/month.
PORCH-Fresh Volunteers work as a team to coordinate orders and confirm deliveries of fresh produce
delivered monthly from the fresh produce provider to The Boys and Girls Club in Pittsboro. PORCH-
Fresh currently serves over 70 families with boxes of fresh produce purchased by donations to PORCH-
BC and matching funds.
This volunteer team will also (in conjunction with PORCH-BC executive committee) review invoices,
evaluate costs and families served to ensure program effectiveness.

(PORCH-Fresh photo here)

PORCH-BC Communications? (Kathy – should we post?)

Become a PORCH-Briar Chapel Volunteer! Contact us at briarchapel@porchcommunities.org

PORCH Briar Chapel is the first chapter to roll out the new Fresh Food for Families Program. We are supported by The Produce Box and The Boys and Girls Club of America! Each box of fresh food for each family costs $25 Do you want to help sponsor a family? You can donate online at our website: https://porchcommunities.org/briar-chapel