Why is a PORCH in Every Community Possible?

By Christine Cotton
Fight Hunger

I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years and slowly was able to name its advantages. In short: PORCH is easy, consistent, inclusive, and flexible.

The easy-to-understand PORCH model is replicable and accessible for any community. Once a community volunteer reaches out, PORCH Communities provides them with support, guidance, and all of the materials necessary to operate monthly food drives.  We share a start up kit with a step by step guide,  sample emails to share with friends and neighbors, flyer templates, digital tools, and ongoing support. 

The consistency of monthly food drives allows community volunteers to make a regular commitment to PORCH and, at the same time, provides a stable supply of food to pantries and program participants. We hear from all of our PORCH pantry partners that they have been pleasantly surprised when the PORCH volunteers come back “month after month” with donated food. Many of the pantries have been able to expand their operations based on the consistency of the PORCH donations.

PORCH Communities is inclusive. We welcome everyone! Anyone can help by donating, collecting, sorting, distributing and/or organizing volunteers in as little as a few hours a month. It is always a joy to see our littlest community members pulling their wagons as they go door to door with their parents on the monthly neighborhood pickups, inspiring to see our students and seniors dedicating their time to collecting, sorting, and delivering, and motivating to work side by side past program participants who assist with distribution set up and translation support for current participants.

By working with local chapter leaders and volunteers, PORCH provides flexibility. Once established in a community, there is never pressure to volunteer or donate. From our years of experience, we know that this no-pressure and supportive  approach works best for everyone. Our volunteers and donors know that we appreciate all that they do to support local hunger relief, and every month the outpouring of support grows. 

So jump on board!

Today is the perfect day to reach out and learn about PORCH. We have a proven and effective model, as well as the  tools and resources to help you every step of the way. We make it easy for you  to help those in your community who may be facing hunger or food insecurity.