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By Christine Cotton
Fight Hunger

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When three moms in Chapel Hill decided to start a neighborhood food drive nine years ago, they had no idea it would become what it is today.

“It’s really an unexpected pleasure,” said Debbie Horowitz as she looks back at a room full of busy volunteers and piles of donated food.

Horowitz, along with her two friends, Christine Cotton and Susan Romaine, are the founders of PORCH. It’s a non-profit which helps to fight hunger.

PORCH began in the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area and quickly spread to other communities around the state of North Carolina, and it’s beginning to spread to other states including Ohio and South Carolina. There are also efforts in place to bring it to Philadelphia. The organization uses hundreds of volunteers each month to sort and deliver food.

“It is incredible. Our story is we started with a couple of cans of tuna and to see these people behind us – all of the volunteers, all the students – it’s so special. It takes your breath away,” said Cotton.ADVERTISING

Three women in Chapel Hill saw friends of their children going hungry. So they started a simple food drive. That idea has since spread to several states.